About Us

Chromatones was formed in mid 2004 in a desparate attempt to gather enough middle aged people with affinity towards Jazzfusion and Jazzrock to start up a band. The search lasted a surprising 3 months.

Rikke Hald Bjerre
Plays percussion on coconuts, plumbing material and debris washed ashore after storms.

Morten Jagd Christensen
Keyboardplayer who studied fusion at JET Joint Undertaking, barely reads notes or chords, but is generally accepted as being kind to plankton.

Kim Varde Lassen
Beats the beat. Eager to drive everyone to perfection. Turns everybody upside down and around while soloing.

Anders L°chte Nielsen
Wraps up his fingers into his five string Yamaha. Has played with numerous funkbands and therefore expects every audience to dance.

RenÚ Damgaard Pedersen
Composer, arranger and virtuous guitar-player. Picks up Mortens special ideas and translate them into common chords. Owns the most expensive loudspeaker-connection in the world.