Chromatones was formed in 2004.

Do you remember the 80's? Jazzrock, funk and fusion played in Cafés and small music scenes everywhere. Remember the cool collector item posters from "Huset i Magstræde" that people stole to use them as home decoration? Do you remember when on christmas eve you went to see Mikkel Nordsø Band? We do. And we are making music inspired from those days.

Concert Review, Krudttønden March 2006
"If you don’t know you can hardly believe it – the incredible 5 musicians forming Chromatones are grown out of the fantastic Danish amateur jazz-scene. Mix a creative keyboard driver, Morten Jagd, a dynamic drummer, Kim Varde, a virtuous guitarist, Rene Damgaard, an inspiring percussionist, Rikke Hald, and a solid bassist, Anders Løcte, and you will get a cocktail that brings thoughts back to all the big Jazz-Fusion names from the 80s but with a touch and drive coming from the new century." -Torben Lund