I write my songs in the notation software Lilypond. It appeals to the programmer in me. The input is text based and can be put under version control in git. The typesetting is beautiful.

Fusion compositions

These are some of my own fusion compositions. They were written for Chromatones.

  Arthur Detour   Be Quiet   Fancy Bar Blues
  Inspector Clouseau   Jan G   Lazy Dance
  Salsation   Superfluid   Transparency
  Voyager I

Jazz compositions

My two attempts at writing jazz standard-like tunes.

  Favourite Cup of Tea   Upside Down


  Burnable (L. Carlton)   Captain Karma (Spyro Gyra)   More Steps (Withful Thinking)
  I Draw a Circle (Sinne Eeg)   If I Were a Bell   My Shining Hour

Gregorian songs

Lilypond has support for many notations. I once helped an opera singer create scores for Gregorian songs. This is an old and somewhat imprecise notation compared to modern notation. Anyway I have no idea how to play this but it looks cool.

  Kol III v 1f   Kyrie lux et origo   Magnificat
  Psalme 100   Psalme 118 v 15-23   Psalme 118 v 24-29
  Ved Offerlammets G├Žstebud